Available sizes:

Type   Capacity                  
ATK H 1   500 Liters                  
ATK H 1,5   650 Liters                  
ATK H 2   850 Liters                  
ATK H 3   1,350 Liters                  
ATK H 6   2,600 Liters                 Product photo
ATK H 8   3,400 Liters                 Product photo
ATK H 12   5,400 Liters                 Product photo
ATK H 13   5,800 Liters                  

Standard scope of supply for our cooker sizes 8 t – 13 t:

  • Stainless steel cladding, shiny
  • Noise insulated diesel engine
  • Temperature control with surface sensor in the lower part of the kettle with indication at the display
  • Electric ignition with automatic re-ignition
  • Ring burner 26 flames (ATK H3 with 2x6, ATK H6 with 2x8 flames) with pilot burner / flame control with re-ignition
  • 2 gas tanks 110 liters each with gas tank box (ATK H3 and ATK H6 only 1 gas tank)
  • Modified stirrer
  • 2 stage speed stirrer drive, hydraulically operated
  • Hydraulic outlet 600 mm x 400 mm, insulated
  • Service platform with foldable handrail

Available options:

  • Low weight construction, leads up to 1.000 kg higher payload
  • Tilting device for fast emptying of the residues
  • Adjustable width of the outlet chute
  • Stirrer rotation and flame control with optical indication
  • Flame control with 2 solenoid valves
  • Variable displacement pump for variable speed adjustment and increasing the torque for the stirrer up to 50 %.
  • Working light
  • Rotating panoramic light
  • Gas tanks 150 litre instead of 110 litre
  • Diesel fuel oil burner instead of gas burner, available in 24 V DC or 230 V AC
  • Data-logger GPS or with printing function at the cooker
  • Product outlet at the side
  • Sooty particle filter (DPF)
  • Engine Yanmar 3TNV m. DPF
  • Stowage box
  • More options are possible – let's talk about this

Mounting variants:

Mounting on truck
Mounting on truck
Mounting on conventional trailer 18 t
Mounting on conventional trailer 18 t
Mounting on central axis trailer 18 t
Mounting on central axis trailer 18 t
Mounting on multi-purpose frame
Mounting on multi-purpose frame

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