R. Kolberg GmbH from Bispingen, Germany was founded in 1988 by Reinhard Kolberg and since then produces high quality machines for transport and paving gussasphalt.

The steadily increasing demand for high quality and innovation of gussasphalt machines required an extension of the working space. So, a modern production hall was built in year 1992 in Bispingen.
At the same time, Michael Kolberg – the son of Reinhard Kolberg – took over the responsibility of the company. In close co-operation with his father, he has expanded the market position and increased the depth of production. After the retirement of Reinhard Kolberg the company was led by Michael Kolberg.

In 2019 Martin Röhrs and Marcel Jipp took over the company. Both of them had been earlier suppliers and partners for the company. So Michael Kolberg has found two engaged followers with a high interest in the material gussasphalt. They want to continue the production of high quality machines for the processing and transport of gussasphalt.

Until today the name of R. Kolberg GmbH stands for highest quality and sensible innovation combined with research and development in the gussasphalt technology.

We live innovation.

1989: The first finisher with 4 pendular mounted crawler type drives was built.

1995: The first hydraulically operated column system for self-driven loading onto the truck was produced. No crane is required. The required length of the trailer is still the same!

1996: The first crawler type drives with 4 bearing pulleys – a big success! The advantage is a smoother running and a better load distribution.

2003: The first foldable railway drives were built, achieving a better self-levelling. The transport width is still below 3 m.

2004: The first full hydraulically operated gussasphalt dumper celebrates its premiere. At the same time we presented the first water-cooled diesel engine for gussasphalt dumpers.

2005: For our gussasphalt cookers we increased the maximum allowed torque for the stirrer in a rate of 50 %.

2007: A modified stirring system for gussasphalt cookers was tested successfully and has got the permission for production. Wear of kettle walls and bottom is reduced to the half.

2008: The first 18 t double axis trailer with 12 t gussasphalt cooker was introduced. Empty weight is 6 tons only. At the same time we introduced the first insulated product outlet in size 600 x 400 mm in our standard supply.

2008: The first full hydraulic operated gussasphalt dumper with electronic drive control was engineered. All knowns problem with brakes, not sufficient brake power and ripped brake cables are remaining in the past!

2010: The first liftable and tiltable kettle for gussasphalt dumper was introduced, without any change of the filling height.

2014: We realized the first twin tyre axis for the gussasphalt dumper drive, causing a better load distribution.

2018: Design and production of the first self-driven side stripe finisher.

2022: We realized the first gussasphalt finishing with no gap to the curb.

2022: Gussasphalt finishing in 3-D is possible via Leica optic control, realized with 4 independent controlled drive columns.